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Travel Tip of the Month - Advice on Planning Packing Travelling Abroad and more...

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January 2020
European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) will no longer be valid for health cover if the UK leaves the EU without an agreement. You’ll need to arrange your own travel insurance before you go.
Ref: Citizens Advice


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December 2019
Drivers in Scotland have been advised that Police Scotland will now be using a new Drug detection kit - DrugWipes - dubbed "drugalysers" - to check for cannabis and cocaine. The Scottish Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf said the regulations will "not only make our roads safer but will save lives".

November 2019
Thinking of visiting the UK after Brexit? Information from the UK government about changes that will take place when visiting the UK from the EU after Brexit. Click > VisitBritain - Visiting The UK After Brexit

October 2019
The UK Government have published information on - New rules that will apply for travel to Europe if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. “You should have at least 6 months left on an adult or child passport to travel to most countries in Europe (not including Ireland). If you renewed your current passport before the previous one expired, extra months may have been added to its expiry date. Any extra months on your passport over 10 years may not count towards the 6 months needed.”

September 2019
For UK residents visiting Europe after Brexit there are things you need to do before you travel. These include:
• check your passport
• get travel insurance which covers your healthcare
• check you have the right driving documents
• organise pet travel - you need to contact your vet at least 4 months before you go

For more details click > Visit Europe after Brexit

August 2019
The UK is experiencing some severe summer showers, which can disrupt travel plans. Check out the BBC weather page for UK Flood Warnings

July 2019
Visitors to Scotland should plan ahead to deal with the dreaded midge, a tiny fly which loves visitors! Check the following link with information to avoid and combat the Midge:
The Scotsman Protect Yourself against Midges in Scotland

June 2019
For travellers who need to use reading glasses, make sure you pack a spare set, and don’t be caught out on long flights when you cannot see the horrible clues in the famous Glasgow Herald Wee Stinker cryptic crossword.

May 2019
Drivers travelling to Inverness in Scotland up the A9 Trunk road should check for speed restrictions due to the upgrading of this road by the forward thinking current Scottish Government. Click for details of this key infrastructure project on the following link > Transport Scotland – A9 Dualling Perth to Inverness

April 2019
For drivers going to central Edinburgh, Scotland - why not catch a tram after parking your car in the Free Ingliston Park and Ride

March 2019
For drivers in Scotland please take time to look at the Traffic Scotland site for Live Information – Traffic Scotland

February 2019
Concerned about travel after Brexit? Then check out this Advice page from the Association of British Travel Agents ABTA - Brexit: Advice for Travellers | ABTA

January 2019
During winter months in rural Scotland consider buying a set of good quality winter tyres. Not all roads receive gritting as standard and gritting policies can vary between neighbouring council areas. 


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December 2018
Before travelling abroad make sure you make copies of important travel documents including Travel Insurance and Passport.

November 2018
As winter approaches it is important that drivers prepare for what could be extreme conditions, as experienced when the ‘Beast from the East’ hit the UK in Feb and March 2018. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents have prepared the following fact sheet for drivers – ROSPA Winter Driving

October 2018
If you are regularly driving in snow and ice conditions look to move to a 4x4 or front wheel drive vehicle both fitted with winter tyres. Check out the following link for advice on winter tyres Winter tyres UK AA

September 2018
UK travelers concerned about travel into Europe after Brexit? Check out the following site:
10 ways Brexit could hit UK travellers - The Telegraph

August 2018
For UK nationals currently residing in the EU, or considering moving to a EU country the following GOV.UK site is worth referring to: UK Nationals in the EU

July 2018
For football fans looking for information about the FIFA World Cup 2018 check out the following Wiki:

June 2018
For football fans travelling to the FIFA world cup 2018 in Russia the following Wikitravel is worth checking out: 

May 2018
If you are worried about taking only your main credit or debit card with you on holiday, think about a pre-paid card where you can control the limit.

April 2018
Many price comparison airfare sites offer an alert email facility to provide potential customers with recent price information including reductions and offers.

March 2018
Scotland and the UK have been hit with two severe winter storms the "Beast from the East" weather front, and Storm Emma. The Met Office have issued Red, Amber, and Yellow warnings for most of the UK Regions. 

February 2018
Due to difficult winter conditions in Scotland this year pothole damage has been on the increase. Drivers can report potholes to their local council such as at Stirling Council Potholes

January 2018
If you are planning your road journey in Scotland over the 2018 New Year period check out the
Traffic Scotland website for road condition updates.


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December 2017
If you are planning to visit Scotland by car take some time to check for roadworks on the following website:

November 2017
As European winter approaches and temperatures fall make sure you carry a spare can of fuel. Breakdown vans carry spare fuel but could take an hour to reach your stranded vehicle.

October 2017
Scotland A9 Perth to Inverness Road Dualling Programme: The first stretch of the programme, Kincraig to Dalraddy 4.5 Miles (7.5km) near Aviemore, was fully opened on 30th Sept 2017. For more information about the overall programme check the following link:

September 2017
The new Queensferry Crossing near Edinburgh Scotland has just been opened for drivers. Due to understandable interest in the new bridge, queues have formed and drivers have been advised to be patient. Check out the following Wiki for more details about the bridge construction: 

August 2017
An excellent source of accurate UK weather forecasting is the Met Office website at 

July 2017
A good tip is to put your room number and hotel address in your phone.

June 2017
Try leaning some common phrases in the local language, such as “Please,” “Thank you,” and “I’m sorry” can be great ice-breakers. The local word for beer might also be useful.

May 2017
When travelling in Europe look to buy a European SIM card. This is good for travelers planning to make a lot of calls. This should give you a European number, with cheaper local tariffs.

April 2017
Due to the impact of Brexit travelers may be able to get a good-value late deal on a holiday in Europe, particularly if the package is priced in pounds.

March 2017
After Brexit concerns have been raised about the future validity of the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) for UK citizens. We would advise UK travelers to check out the EHIC l Direct website and of course look at taking out independent travel insurance.

February 2017
Scottish drivers are looking forward to the opening of the Queensferry Crossing road bridge over the River Forth in May 2017 - Check out the details on

January 2017
When driving during winter make sure your car has enough fuel to get you home in the event of weather related detours or worse, keep your heating on if you have to sleep in your vehicle.


December 2016
Another driving tip for winter. Make sure you have a good supply of windscreen wiper fluid geared for sub-zero temperatures – typical UK and European categories are -5C, -10C, and - 20C.

November 2016
For good tips for safe winter driving and area road conditions look at your local police Social Media links. This example is the Police Twitter from Stirling Police in Scotland - 

October 2016
When travelling around Edinburgh, Scotland in the morning via the bypass, be prepared for some potentially significant delays. Check the following site for Live Traffic Information - 

September 2016
When driving home to Central Scotland from the beautiful Scottish Borders make sure you stop to take some images of the magnificent River Tweed and the picture postcard town of Peebles.

August 2016
When travelling to Edinburgh Airport, why not try the combination of train and tram and leave the car at home. Travel information at and 

July 2016
When reserving a seat on a French TGV train, look out for a no extra cost upgrade from a Standard to First Class seat. 

June 2016
Most modern smart phones have a built in Global Positioning System (GPS) which can be switched to navigation mode with voice activation, so you can keep your eyes on the road.

May 2016
Don’t be caught out by taking your winter tyres off too early. Parts of the UK have experienced snow and ice towards the end of April.

April 2016
Another useful website for Scottish drivers and visitors to Scotland is which includes a dedicated app.

March 2016
If you haven’t got round to invest in a GPS for your car and are looking to plan a journey, then try an online route planner such as or 

February 2016
Another tip for winter driving in Scotland, UK, and Europe. Check your local police Twitter account for road condition information.

January 2016
Good tip for winter driving in Scotland, UK, and Europe. Carry a spare container filled with pre-mixed windscreen washer fluid.


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December 2015
YouTube have recently introduced video cards which link directly to your business website. Check out this Emirates A380 video for an example

November 2015
Following our October 2015 video travel tip if you are posting on YouTube make sure you enter the location and date of your video. This will help to confirm the Copyright on your video.

October 2015
If you want to take some nice takeoff and landing videos with views of the winglet airline logo and sound of the engine - try to reserve a window seat near the aircraft wing:

September 2015
A Travel Links Directory TLD staff member has just purchased a new carry on flight bag - Cabin Max Backpack 44 liter 55x40x20 cm – the maximum capacity for airline carry on luggage. The inaugural bag test flight was on 2nd September 2015 Edinburgh > Istanbul on Turkish Airlines

August 2015
Keep up to date with changing flight prices, up and down, by setting up ‘alerts’ to your email or texts.

July 2015
We can thoroughly recommend the open top bus tour of Belfast, Northern Ireland. More details on the following website - Our tip is to bring a fleece and raincoat if you are staying on the open top deck.

June 2015
Its worthwhile checking out some of the air price comparison websites, as there are some big variances in First Class airline ticket prices.

May 2015
Scotland has experienced some un-seasonal snow and sleet fall in late April this year. Be prepared for winter conditions in case you get caught out.

April 2015
For roads like the A9 Perth to Inverness in Scotland, with average speed cameras, look to use your car cruise control to keep within the speed limits.

March 2015
If you are regularly driving in snow and ice conditions look to move to a 4x4 or front wheel drive vehicle fitted with winter tyres.

February 2015
Along with a good set of winter Tyres, a Tyre Inflator is a very useful accessory, and easily powered from the car cigarette plug.

January 2015
Drivers in Scotland – be aware of the reduction in the legal drink-drive limit from 80mg to 50mg in every 100ml of blood. This is lower than the rest of the UK but is the same as many European countries – including France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain.


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December 2014
When temperatures start to fall below 7 degrees C, fitting your car with a good set of Winter Tyres is advisable.

November 2014
Many budget airlines land too late to find a same day connection back home. Solution – fly midweek and look for a cheap airport hotel option.

October 2014
There are good internal European flight deals to be had if you don’t mind taking two flights to your final destination.

September 2014
Good idea to let your bank know about foreign travel, and avoid problems with overseas ATMs.

August 2014
Check out Google Maps directions option. It may be easier to walk to some inner city locations.

July 2014
Good idea to check out an online Tube Planner before travelling to London.

June 2014
Going to London from Scotland, take the train and arrive in the centre of the city with no security checks.

May 2014
Check your Travel insurance covers the following - trip cancellation and interruption, medical, evacuation, baggage, and flight insurance.

April 2014
Check out Travel Smartphone Apps for Currency Conversion, Weather, Language Translation etc.

March 2014
Look out for Group savings on some country Rail tickets for 3 passengers or more.

February 2014
When driving long distance on Motorway or Trunk Road use your Cruise Control to save fuel. 

January 2014
A convertible backpack/suitcase provides – a backpack for travelling, and a small case when in town or checking in as aircraft hand luggage.



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Out of the country during important elections? Apply for a postal or a proxy vote.

Looking to stay safe on the roads as the temperature drops? Invest in a good set of winter tyres.

City Breaks
There are many good City Break deals online, often cheaper than hotel and flight bought separately.

Mobile Phones and Seawater
Make sure you insure your mobile in case of loss, damage or, dropped in seawater.

Oyster Card
Before going to London, get an Oyster card, brilliant for the London Underground known as the Tube.

Google Maps

When printing off a Google Map, it’s a good idea to include the Address and Telephone in the convenient Map insert box.

Birthday Presents
On holiday and missing a friend’s birthday? Send an interesting or unusual present from overseas.

Pack Light
When travelling in Europe pack light and pack smart into one item of hand luggage.

National Anthems
If you have the ability to play a musical instrument, why not learn the national anthem of the country you are visiting, a brilliant ice-breaker.

Digital Camera

Take along an extra memory card and battery for your Digital Camera.

Look to getting a universal charger, with multiple plugs to fit each device - phone, tablet, laptop etc.

Read the reviews
There are plenty of websites that have reviews from genuine verified holidaymakers, including TripAdvisor and Expedia.



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Travel Insurance
If you can't afford travel insurance, you can't afford to travel.

Airport Terminal Number
Check which airport terminal your flight is leaving from, could make the difference if time is tight.

Car Rental Online:

Searching the Internet can be the quickest and best way to compare many Rental Car rates.

Long Stay Carpark
Use the long stay airport car-parking. Much cheaper than a hefty taxi fare if your budget airline arrives after midnight.

Store Cards
Leave all your local store credit cards in a secure location at home; there will be no need to carry them with you.


Cruise Booking
Book early. There are two ways to get the best price on a cruise: book early or book at the very last minute. Both will save you money, but early bookers get the best choice of cabins for roughly the same “sale” price as late bookers

Clothes Coordination
Coordinate your clothes around one or two basic colors. This cuts down on the number of shoes and accessories you have to bring. 


For Backpackers
Study a map or guide to know the terrain you'll be hiking and estimate the time it will take to arrive at your destination. Pad your estimates with extra time to account for delays.

Local Currency
Change some money into the local currency before you depart. This gives you one less thing to worry about, and will stop you from pulling a large amount of money out at the airport arrivals.

Airport Layout
Before leaving for your trip, try to get some prior information as to the rough layout of the airport where you will be arriving.


Airport Transfer
Whenever possible, especially in certain countries we recommend taking either the airport limousine, or a hotel pick up.

Tartan Army
When planning a 2012 midweek trip to join the Tartan Army of Scottish Football supporters, move all of your other meetings to the following week.



Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Cruise Tips
When going on a cruise, make sure to take a power strip with you, because most cabins only have one outlet.

Rock Bus Tips 2
When travelling by bus in Europe make sure that you book some strategic hotel rooms en route for a good shower and a proper horizontal sleep.


Rock Bus Tips 1
When taking a play list on a Rock Bus don’t rely on CDs – the media player may not be compatible and CDs are subject to Rock Bus Bounce.


Off-Season Europe
If you are planning to visit Europe, and are looking for cheaper accommodation with less crowds, try the off-season from November through to March.

Scottish Midge Net
Travellers going to Scotland should arm themselves with a face net to combat the infamous Scottish biting insect – the midge.

Onboard Drinks
During flights some male TLD staff members have taken to drinking wine as opposed to beer. Very good for short journeys, and reduces trips to the toilet.

Most good souvenir shops will offer a packaging and delivery service. TLD staff have used this to send fragile Maori gifts from New Zealand.

Waterproof Wallet
Consider purchasing a waterproof wallet if you are likely to be in wet regions or beside water and sea.

Boarding Card Printouts
Always make a copy of online boarding card printouts. Your travelling partner may leave his or her originals in the car in the long stay parking area.

Hotel Reviews
Try to give some feedback on your hotel stay, many hotel booking websites now offer the opportunity to submit an online customer review.

Online Checkins
Check airline websites for details about dates when you can print your own Boarding Documents.

European Rail Travel
Try varying your journey to Europe with an intercity rail journey and see views that you won't see from the air.



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Try to change some money into the local currency before you depart.


Bank Cards
Check with your bank that your debit cards will work overseas. 


Wheeled Luggage
For heavier luggage look at using a suitcase with a retractable handle and wheels.


Security Check
A small plastic freezer bag is the ideal size for toiletries when going through airport security.


City Passes
Think about buying a City Pass. The New York Pass will get you into over 55 attractions and you can bypass the queues.


Pack lightweight clothing for hot climates. Leave heavy jeans behind, they also take too long to dry.


European Travel
Consider travelling out of season, October to April, for cheaper fares and rooms.


Wash Hand Basin Sink Plug
Pack a portable sink plug as you may find your accommodation bathroom doesn’t have a plug.


Tartan Army
For Scotsmen wearing kilts, make sure you put your Sgian Dubh (Black Knife) in your check in luggage, or leave it at home.


Tartan Army
For Scotsmen wearing kilts, make sure you place your sporran and kilt belt into the tray at the security check point.


Check in Online
Use online check in and pre-print your boarding passes.


1st Class Train Travel
Check online for cheap deals on Economy and First Class rail travel.



Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Ask your car passenger to check the route to the hotel on the blackberry.


House Keys
Carry your house and car keys in your hand luggage in case of missing checked in bags.


Carry a small pack of ear-plugs. Very handy for noisy hostels next to the local fire station.


Check in Online
Make sure you check your weight and volume for airline hand baggage, as some budget carriers will charge for excess.


Early Flights
Got an early morning flight back home. Stay at an airport hotel the night before you fly.


Ballpoint Pen
A very handy place to keep a ballpoint pen is clipped to the neckline of your shirt.

Pack of Cards
A pack of cards is a useful and lightweight source of entertainment for long flights such as Scotland to New York.


A handy item to pack for foreign travel is a small pen torch or flashlight.

Carry a Shoehorn
Many airport security gates will ask you to remove your footwear. Use a shoehorn to get your shoes and boots quickly back on.


Old Luggage Tags
Remove old luggage tags to avoid confusion over the bag’s destination.

Travelling Light
Photocopy the pages of travel books relevant to the area you are visiting rather than take entire books.


Look Under the Bed
Always look under the bed before checking out of a hotel room.


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