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Tip Oct 2014
Good idea to let your bank know about foreign travel and your Bank Cards, avoid problems with overseas ATMs.
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Travel Tips and Advice covers a wide range of hints and information before during and after trip or holiday. Advice includes advance preparation prior to departure with aircraft seating position, packing, insurance, passport and visas, destination guides, clothing and equipment information. During the trip tips are offered on destination knowledge, customs and cultural differences, language and communication, currency and exchange, and transport and navigation. On returning, find advice on purchasing goods, what to do with unused currency, recovering lost luggage, building up air-miles, and frequent traveller and flyer benefits. Specific tips are also available for single travellers, travel for women, travelling with pets and miscellaneous travel advice.

Computer Security - wikipedia

Computer security is a branch of information security applied to both theoretical and actual computer systems. Computer security is a branch of computer science that addresses enforcement of 'secure' behavior on the operation of computers.

Copying Important Information - 1000tips4trips

Before you travel always email yourself a copy of your important information - airline flight numbers, phone numbers, contact addresses, passport and driving licence numbers. If your travel documents and/or wallet is lost or stolen, you can log on to recover all your details. (Search the site using the keyword "email" to find more advice).

Escape the Winter

Escape the winter - head for some winter sun. There are many benefits of getting a winter sun holiday, and some great destinations. Find it all with escape the winter.

Family Vacay

Family Vacay is your ultimate family vacation resource: a guide written by vacationing families for vacationing families. Read reviews and see photos from around the world.

Holiday Villa Fraud

Holiday Villa Fraud prevention and alerting site. Information for holiday home owners.

See The Northern Lights

Everything you need to know about where, when and how to see the northern lights.

Short Long haul Flights - wikipedia

For long haul trips to Asia including - India, Thailand, Bangkok, Japan, China and Singapore most of the activity occurs in the first half of the flight - meals, in-flight drinks, duty free offers, etc. Travellers should plan to to remain awake in the first half of the flight and sleep during the second.

WHO - World Health Organization

This report provides information on the main health risks for travellers. Forward planning, appropriate preventive measures and careful precautions can substantially reduce the risks of adverse health consequences. Although the medical profession and the travel industry can provide a great deal of help and advice, it is the travellerís responsibility to ask for information, to understand the risks involved, and to take the necessary precautions for the journey.

Your Travel

This website provides helpful travel tips and other articles related to travel. You can also use this site to book plane, bus, train, and cruise tickets and save on your next family vacation.

Arriving in a new city - wikitravel

Try to avoid arriving in the middle of the night. This sounds obvious, but if your hotel does not maintain a 24 hour check in desk it may be difficult to obtain a room key at 02:00 in the morning.

BBC Travel News

Regional map of the UK with regular weather updates incuding: flooding reports; snow blockages; and driving conditions.

Best Travel Tip

A worldwide holiday destination and travel facts resource, providing articles and links of use to tourists and other travelers.

Business Class Flights

Why fly business Class? Lie-flat seats allow you to rest and hit the road running for your early morning meeting. You can move around and stretch easily, helping prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis. Fewer crying babies, strange body odors and hysterical first-time flyers.

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