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Link Criteria Requirements and Check List

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We have prepared the following checklist to help both FREE and PAID link partners. Our main aim is to develop a user friendly directory containing interesting and relevant TRAVEL sites. We strongly advise web owners to read the “Google Webmaster Guidelines” and “Yahoo Webmaster Guidelines” prior to listing your site. Travel Links Directory welcomes another Premium Partner opportunity... Due to changes in the Google Guidelines on Linking we are NOT accepting any more FREE reciprocal Link Exchanges. To be listed on our directory will require a PAID listing. This will ensure you will receive a one way link from our site to yours. We can also add a "no follow" tag to your site if required.

Please click on the following link for details of our Advertising Rates: Advertising

Site Requirements

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A page that is hosted on the same domain. Due to Google relevancy guidelines, we do not link to sites using 3 way or triangular links.

Travel Bullet

Your site must have unique TRAVEL content. Sites without travel content will be deleted.

Travel Bullet

English language sites and/or English translation provided.

Travel Bullet

An link page which has been recently cached by Google.  This may affect framed and dynamic pages.

Travel Bullet

A home page Google Page Rank of ideally 3/10. However, we will look at new sites with no Google Rank if they will enhance our directory with unique and interesting content.

Travel Bullet

Well designed sites with no broken links, missing images and under construction signs.

Travel Bullet

A direct link on the HOME page to the LINK DIRECTORY.

Travel Bullet

Clear navigation on the LINK DIRECTORY using a menu and/or search box. A user should be able to find the links easily.

Travel Bullet

Relevant TRAVEL links on your link pages. Avoid adding non relevant links as this will not add value to your site and will confuse users.

Travel Bullet

No more than 100 links per page. Too many links may create the impression that your site is a link farm and is difficult for users to navigate.

Note: We encourage all TRAVEL sites to submit their sites for approval. However, if you are not approved your site may be eligible for a PAID listing. Also, our check list may help you to gain approval at a later date.


Listing Requirements

Travel Bullet

Submission is only to one category. Web owners can submit more than one site but the content must be unique.

Travel Bullet

Submit only top level domains. Do not submit individual pages of the website or sub-domains.

Travel Bullet

Titles should include the title displayed on the top of the site.

Travel Bullet

Symbols and numbers are not accepted at the beginning of the title unless the URL starts with a number (Exceptions may be made for affiliates and Paid listings).

Travel Bullet

Do not use ALLCAPS in your Title and Description.

Travel Bullet

Do not repeat the title of your site in the description.

Travel Bullet

Avoid excessive repetition of key words in the description.

Travel Bullet

Do not use HTML tags or website URLs in the description.

Travel Bullet

Avoid using excessive promotional hype – “best hotel in the Universe” etc.

Travel Bullet

Check that you are adding your site to the most appropriate category. Avoid the trap of adding a site to a category based on higher page rank. Accuracy is our main criteria. If your site is a hotel in London you will be added to our London category. That is what our users are looking for. You will get more site visitors if your site is in the category the user is looking at.

Note: We use our own house style for site listings. All listings are manually checked prior to approval. Listings when approved are also checked with software to validate the link page. Our software will also check if sites are still reciprocating. Occasionally our software will not pick up a genuine link. In these cases we will manually approve the site.



Travel Bullet

Sites that use any automated link exchanges or link farms.

Travel Bullet

Free sites and FFA web sites.

Travel Bullet

Sites with excessive pop ups and under-page ads.

Travel Bullet

Sites that use any technique to mislead the search engines.

Travel Bullet

Sites that do not practice ethical linking practices or violate search engine guidelines.

Travel Bullet

Sites that have been known to be using any form of spamming techniques.



Travel Bullet

We Do Not Guarantee: Inclusion to our directory, results or traffic.

Travel Bullet

We reserve the Right to: refuse inclusion for any reason, alter titles, descriptions and keywords, and move your site to another category.

Travel Bullet

We do not link to sites with pornographic materials, hate materials, adult materials, racial materials, or unlawful practices.

Travel Bullet

If your site has NOT been approved for a FREE listing (reciprocal link required) it may be suitable for either a Paid Listing. Our marketing department will email you our decision.

Travel Bullet

A good links page should be designed to enhance the user experience on your site. Can your users easily find the link page on your site and will they find beneficial links on that page? Would your users recommend your site to other users because it has a RELEVANT and INTERESTING links page?


Our Link

Your website must display a reciprocal link back to the Travel Links Directory home page with the website title and description text as indicated below. 

Travel Links Directory - Hotels Flights Destinations
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Website URL: (Include http://)

Website Description: (250 Chars Max)


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