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Travel Tips Advice Safety Passports Visas USA & International 

To help with overseas travel and to provide advice about international tensions and potential terrorist threats - we have compiled a list of government and international information websites. 

Travel Advice and Safety Warnings:

CIA World Factbook
Very detailed site covering all aspects of US security. Is especially comprehensive about air travel.

Corporate Travel Safety
Corporate Travel Safety specializes in providing travel safety and security  information for business and leisure travelers.

National Center for Infectious Diseases (Travelers' Health)
The latest news and information about world diseases, appropriate vaccinations and general health advice for travelers.

U.S. Department of State
This website lists official warnings from the US government and has information on the global picture.

World Travel Watch
This site produces a weekly report highlighting security and safety issues around the globe.

Passports, Visas and Documentation:

Travel Document Systems
A visa and international travel documents agency. Also, very useful for speedy passport application assistance.

U.S. Customs
Useful site if you are not sure about the foreign purchase you are taking home with you. The customs site has a "Know Before You Go" online brochure which is well worth checking before you leave.

U.S. Department of Passport Services and Information
Comprehensive website covering all you need to know and learn about applying for, protecting and replacing your passport.

U.S. Transportation Security Administration
The Transportation Security Administration protects the USA's transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce.

International Websites:

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
This site has a dedicated travel section with country specific information about which countries to avoid visiting. 

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office
The British Foreign Office, as it's known for short, is the State Department's U.K. equivalent.

U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office ( Country Advice)
Subsection of the above site. Easy to use site with very clear menus to the various topics.

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