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Platinum Partner Yearly Subscription Lite - HOME PAGE LINK for 250 onlyTravel Links Directory welcomes another Premium Partner opportunity...
We have a limited number of HOME PAGE text link opportunities for businesses looking for a HOME PAGE text link only. We are able to offer these for only 250 - half price compared to our standard Platinum Partner Subscription. As this is a limited offer, payment will be by PayPal Invoice. Payment guarantees a home page link position for 1 year. (Note: Prices may be subject to review after this initial year). Please contact our Marketing Department on

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Waldorf Towers Hotel on 100 East 50th Street New York NY USA

Page Content Details - Submission Guidelines: If website owners/designers wish to submit full content details we have provided some submission guidelines. Up to 300 words of text for the long description, Up to 250 Characters for the short description, Up to 80 characters for the Title Anchor Text, and 100 Characters for the Alt Text. At this stage we have not placed any restrictions on banner/image dimensions. We can of course build the entire page from your website content, including source code. (Note: 5 working days Review*). Please contact our marketing department for further details...

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Alternative Payments
For organisations who are unable to pay via PayPal or do not wish to use our subscription model please contact us and we will arrange an alternative payment method. We reserve the right to refuse advertisers if we are unable to verify payment security.

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If you would like a PLATINUM and or PREMIUM PARTNER SUBSCRIPTION please email our marketing department on with your site URL, Title and Description and Preferred category from the following list - Activities, Agents, Airlines, Car Ferry Rail, Cruises, Destinations, Hotels, Insurance, Lodging, Vacations, Accessories, UK/Europe Travel Store, USA/World Travel Store, Directories and a category from our main Directory at
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Travel Links Directory - Hotels Flights Destinations

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Directory of travel related web sites with links to flights hotels vacations destination guides travel agents agencies and travel information.




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If you have 4 travel websites or more please contact our marketing department for our Multi-Web Option which will give one FREE site listing for every 3 paid listings. (Example: 4 sites = 3 paid + 1 FREE; 8 sites = 6 paid + 2 FREE). This applies to both Premium and Platinum Partner Subscriptions.



We use PayPal to process our payments.  Subscribers will be required to create a PayPal account. Please note the yearly/monthly payment date for your records.

We normally require prepayment for all advertising positions. However, we will add sites prior to payment on request.

Payments are made to Scotstore - the parent business of Travel Links Directory. 

We do not offer refunds on subscriptions.

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We reserve the right to change the costs of our advertising. We will post any changes on our site and will email paid advertisers of any changes in cost.

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Why use us?

Top Search Engine Positions - Our directory features on Google MSN and Yahoo for hundreds of Travel key phrases. Users typically use over 1000 different search phrases each month to locate our pages.

An expanding directory - We currently have over 500 individual categories including most world countries and their respective capitals. 

Extensive Links - Our directory has over 3000 travel links covering every World Continent.

Flexiblity - All website owners can change their listing. Paid advertisers will be able to do this at no additional cost

Static Links Pages - We do not use dynamic pages on our directory. Our approach is to add new content continuously therefore retaining user and search engine interest. 

In depth marketing techniques - Every page on our site is important to us. Most of our site visitors find our site through our internal pages.

Targeted marketing -  Each category is individually marketed with appropriate titles, descriptions and keywords. Each category has a limited number of links per page making it easier to find sites. Each link page has a maximum of 20 links.

Easy to find pages - All sites can be found from our world map on the home page or with our Google search box.

Active travel research - We are continuously researching and updating our site with new travel content including - country and city facts, latest travel news, world travel events and travel suppliers.

Dedicated team - Our team are active travellers. In 2005 - 2019 the countries visited included - Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Columbia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Netherlands, New Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, and New Zealand. We know travel.



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We will be featuring selected Premium Partners on our index page for increased exposure.

Banners - Due to download efficiency we are not adding banners to our pages at this stage, apart from our own affiliate partners.

Alt Titles - We are able to add Alt Titles in our Main Menu Categories but not on our Directory.  

Partnerships - We are always interested in talking to other TRAVEL businesses about further partnership and revenue creation opportunities.

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