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London Vaccination Clinic
London Vaccination Clinic provide all essential travel vaccinations to help keep you healthy and safe, no matter where in the world you are going. The expert team are also fully up to date with the latest travel warnings, allowing them to offer the best possible medical advice and vaccinations for your exact circumstances. With five clinics across London, you can book an appointment at a time best suited for you, including early mornings, evenings and weekends.

Jessops now have over 316 stores across the UK, and were voted UK Photo Retailer of the Year” by readers of Practical Photography magazine - 12 years in a row. The website offers Free delivery on UK and Ireland orders over £150. There is also a Members' area offering value added services and is Free to join. : Women's Fashion Store
The brand was founded by Francis Charles Pollet back in 1975. He was an expert in fabrics and wanted to offer women upmarket elegant fashion to create feminine allure. By 1990, Promod was a major fashion retailer in Europe and opened the first Saudi Arabian store in 1999, going on to expand further in the Middle East. Also in 1999, Promod launched its first online shop as a pioneer in the fashion market. In 2006, the brand was introduced in Asia and, in 2013, we opened in America and the United Kingdom, as well as launching our first menswear collection. 

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